'Two is better than one'

Twins, illustrators and now a joint venture.

Philip the laid back one, was born 15 minutes earlier than Andrew and is 1 inch taller, although mum maintains Andrew should have been first. He has been an illustrator for 16 years mainly in the medical arena. A few years back Philip was asked to produce one or two of what you see here today, the rest is history...

Andrew, the eager one, He loves a bit of history, enjoys wearing the odd trilby now and then, waistcoats and drinks tea...a lot of tea. Liverpool architecture is some of the best in the world and to explore this in the work is just...well, great.

"We decided to create these nostalgic old world illustrations in 2013 when Philip was asked to create a design in the reminiscent style of the Jean Berté's printing process. We then collaborated and although our work is very similar in style, you can definitely see a difference in the outcome”

There is nothing better in this world than a cup of tea and doing what you love.

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